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Classic Roast

We have worked hard to come up with a blend that is smooth, sweet and well balanced. This blend goes truly well with a pour over or an early morning drip coffee. If you're looking for Cold Brew, then this roast could also be the perfect match.

1600-2125 MASL

Papua New Guinea 🇵🇬

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is the eastern half of a large island north of Australia. PNG wasn't colonized until 1885. The Germans established colonies in the North while the British hard their own in the south. These two powers mainly brought the blue mountain arabica plants from Jamaica rather than using the robusta plants found over Asia and the Pacific.

During the 30s an Australian prospector discovered the islands interior was actually very fertile and populated and coffee production expanded rapidly. By the time the 1950s the PNG government had established relationships with the previous inland tribes and were encouraging them to create family coffee gardens.

PNG is popping up more and more on importers cupping tables as well as speciality roasters. Most PNG is grown by smallholders. This origin is still very much in the full potential mode with some companies working with the country to improve the quality. Good PNG coffees are clean, bright with a complex fruit and a creamy quality.

Colombia 🇨🇴 (Timaná region)

These Colombian coffee beans hail from the Timaná region. Timaná is one of Colombia oldest original settlements. The town is known for its unique geography and water resources, being surrounded not only by the Andes mountains, but also the Magdalena and Golden Rivers.

Coffee growers from the area are descendants of three indigenous tribes who worked together to rebel against the Spanish conquerors (1538 Pedro De Anasco) The coffee displays certain notes of raisins, cloves, butter, citric acidity with a smooth red apple aftertaste.

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