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The Breakaway

Breakaway from the peloton and try our espresso blend, its definitely got a kick to it. But don't be fooled our espresso makes a damn good drip coffee as well.

1700-1900 MASL

The Breakaway

Colombia 🇨🇴

The Natural Colombian is from the Neira region of Colombia. Laderas Del Tapias has a long tradition of coffee production. In the early 1930s the first coffee hills were planted. In this region, coffee drives the local economy. There are many generations that grew up with coffee as their primary way of living.


In the late 1700s coffee seedings arrived in Guatemala. Growth was slow due to the poor economic conditions that kept famers unable to invest in the crops. During the 1860s the most profitable crop indigo lost favor to artificial dyes allowing coffee to become the economically important to the country.

1870 dictator Justo Rufino Barrios helped the industry increase by seizing public lands and reserved them for coffee farming. By the 1990 Guatemala was exporting over 300 million pounds of coffee annually, making up 80% of the countries exports.

Our coffee is from the Jalapa region, which is balanced with chocolate and citrus notes with a medium body and lingering finish.

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